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Ageing, and How I suck at It!

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Birthdays, it's that one day of the year where you actually have to focus on your age and reflect on how things are going so far. For some, a fantastic exercise, others a surprise, and most dread thinking about the day at all. Getting older is the craziest thing, one more revolution around the Sun and for me, I've done it 33 times. As I look back on it and see how fast my kids are growing up I catch myself saying things such as "I was your age once", which means nothing to a 6 year old, yet I can hardly fathom it. Here are some things I have learnt thus far about getting older, albeit young in comparison and old as a matter of perspective. 

Getting Older


I am 33 and I'm sore- I absolutely hate saying this because 33 isn't old at all, in fact I should likely be in peak physical condition or damn near. Saying this out-loud is the equivalent to walking into a sign while texting, you quickly realized what happened, your brain tells you that your body is OK and to look around to see who saw or heard how humiliating it is. This is the feedback I've garnered when being in the presence of an older person, with the first response being, "what are you talking about! You are still young!" This undoubtedly puts fear in me! My legs are creaking, I'm getting stiff from doing nothing, in fact, I fell at hockey once and I would compare it to having 2 elephants running towards each other at full speed and me standing right in the middle at the collision point. My back is sore as I type this, this is not going to be a good aging process. 

I say stuff my parents said to me- "Just wait, one day you will have kids of your own", "I will turn this car around!", "that music is too loud", "smoke allllllll the cigarettes!". Just kidding about that last one, but you get it. Everyday we turn a little bit more into our parents, which for most of us, I would like to think that it is a good thing, as they had made a big enough impact on our lives to replicate their mannerisms.  

Parental Advice

You still have your old friends- I still have my 4 best friends from high school on the top of my phone chat. What I find great is that I can text and talk to them over the phone and everything is the exact same, yet when I see them in person I think to myself, "my god, what happened to you, you got old". I also find the conversation in person always seems to be harder to recreate than on the phone, maybe it's because I'm stuck counting how many hairs you have left on your head Greg. Regardless, these people played a large part in shaping the person you have become, what you build your morals around, and what you admire. I think it is important to keep in touch with people that liked you when you were just some kid dressed in a Nike jumpsuit 3 days a week (thanks mom).

Sinatra Friends

Nostalgic Stuff is Awesome-  Hence the success of Marvel, the generation that finally has access to money wants to see their childhood hero's come to life. Fresh Prince, scented markers, trolls, ninja turtles, Blockbuster Video, moonshoes, the list goes on and on. 


 Not Giving a Sh*t What People Think Let's face it, the old high school drama and rumor stuff was even old back then, for some people it never changes. However, the older I get the less I honestly care what you think of me. If people think something negative of you, that is their impression of you onto themselves that they are presenting back. So if people judge you for certain things, or feel a specific way about you that is simply a reflection of themselves that they are presenting, which is likely influenced by their environment. If you understand this human condition then it cannot affect you as long as you make conscious decisions that have no negative impact to others. Simply put be a good person and stop worrying. 

Terry Crews

Time is Going by so Fast- This has likely been the biggest realization of growing older. Why is it that all the days go by so fast? Think of being a kid how slow school went, yet how fast recess went. I remember when I had piano lessons or a dentist appointment after school those days would go by faster. As an adult it seems like every day I run out of day. I think this is why, as a kid every experience was new, it seemed like you could play for hours and hours and never be hungry because the focus was to learn, climb, absorb as much information as possible. Think of how time stops when you are on a treadmill, I swear I was running for 30 minutes and as I flip back to the timer it is asking if I want to "Quick Start". Any time you have something that seems really hard, or is a new experience or that you dread, it seems to slow down time, because it has 100% of your focus and attention. As you get older and old a lot of the things you do are things that you have done thousands or tens of thousands of time, so for you to turn a doorknob it requires no thought, to put on socks, no thought, to turn on a TV, drive a car, make some food, water the lawn, little to no thinking horsepower is required because it is ingrained in you. But open a door with your left hand, drive a car in reverse, and you will see that these processes alter time.


  The list of items about getting old can go on and on I'm sure (as I left out memory loss ironically). There are also great things about aging like accumulation of knowledge, building relationships, building businesses, watching your children grow up, setting goals and accomplishing them, getting in better shape. The great thing about time is that you get to choose how you treat it, you can use the time you are giving in a positive matter to influence the world or you can use your time to watch Netflix, there is no wrong answer because the decision belongs to you. The use of your time is what molds who you become and what you become, the most important decision in your entire life is how you utilize your time. 

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