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Gym Mistakes and How to Fix Them (The Peek-a-boo Hack)

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Here is another part in the small mini series of Gym Mistakes, if you missed the first on that goes over using new equipment for the first time you can catch up here. Otherwise we are moving on to yet another gym mistake that is common. Once again if you are a vet in the gym perhaps you have some additional advice you can leave but for the people new to the fashion show/lift off/chest pounding/grunting/flexing/selfie taking/socialite area that we are now referring to as a gym, perhaps there is some adequate pointers in here for you!

Problem:The look of admiration better known as "Checking Someone Out"

Checking someone out

 OK we have all been there. You are working out at your bench or perhaps on your machine, bench pressing 4 elephants or arm curling the squat rack, and you see something out of the corner of your eye. No it isn't a star, Jiminy Cricket, it is much more powerful than that! What you see is admiration for someone. 

Let's step back here just a little bit, we should really derive the word admiration before we go any further. The word "admiration" is Latin in its original form, it is broken into 3 different parts:

Adm- which is what Eve used to say when she was mad.

iRat- which is what Apple tried to call the computer mouse, and

ion- which is a molecule with a net charge due to the loss or gain of an electron.

If we combine these words together we get admiration- "A woman" "A creepy animal" "A laserlike stare". This type of stare is not only for women but men as well nowadays. Guys constantly admire other guys for their muscular definition and in the same breath women also admire other women, so their are endless boundaries here. 

So back to the example, say that someone is doing an exercise, regardless of what it is and who it is. You are watching the person perform an exercise with admiration (remember we defined this) and all of a sudden they lock eyes with you. Now this is the most important part, you have a decision to make and what follows are options that are given to you to get out of what could be an awkward situation. 

1. The Blindman- Right after you lock eyes with them hold that gaze, as awkward as it feels. At this point if you have sunglasses around proceed to putting them on. If not, just stare awkwardly for a bit. Feel around the air like you are trying to hush a group of baby ducks, if there is a barbell close feel free to use that as a walking stick, you will look jacked if you can pull off this maneuver. If you feel the person is not buying it trip over something obvious to help sell it. 


The above gif is clearly just a joke, it in no way condones the act of "grabbing" by pretending to be blind. You already knew that though. 

2. The Sneeze- Finally a use for the sneeze! Ever wonder what it was really for? It is used as a diversion to actually garner attention off of yourself. So lets set the scenario again, eyes lock onto each other, now what you do is slowly start to squint, at this moment he/or she might think you perhaps had 2 bugs synchronize fly into your eyes at the same time but that is how you know you sold it. Start to move your head back, open your mouth slightly, breath in........ and ATCHOOO!! The loudness of your sneeze is up to your own discretion, the longer the stare the louder the sneeze is the rule of thumb. 


3. The Phone Call- Thankfully times have allowed us to assume that one has a phone on them at all the time. This is always the best scapegoat. So once again, lock eyes, now start to mouth words, pretend like you are talking to someone, they in turn might think you are talking to them. If at any point they acknowledge that you are perhaps speaking to them, you won! In the event this happens shake your head "no" and point to your cell phone. This works a lot better if you have a headset on.  



4. Just stare-  Because life is short and who cares. 



There is our second part of the Gym Hacks, we hope to have some more up in the next week or so. 

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