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I am excited about this series of Active Life Hacks that I will be writing about! First I best explain what a “hacktive lifestyle” is and what it means. The purpose of this is to make your entire active life as efficient as possible, the more you look around the less time everyone seems to have and with that, a lot of the time, the less money as well. What if you can free up more time, save more money, get more for less, and becoming a lot healthier and happier in doing so? Well that is exactly what this is about, and the answer isn’t always that Believe Fit is your best choice for xyz, in fact a great starting hack is to NOT buy all your supplements from a supplement store (more on that another time).
With the addition of Park Row we have officially hacktivated your lifestyle and let me explain how. Boutique Fitness is huge, it brings people and communities together that workout in group classes. It’s motivating, inspirational, fun, excited and different. These are the conditions that can build a successful studio, but nowadays it’s not enough. It is tough to justify expensive unlimited passes to be put on waiting lists, or go to a class and it is the exact same class as yesterday, last week, or even last month. The results slow with the motivation to attend, and it becomes a burden to book a class. Well we have hacked your workouts!
Rowing is considered to be one of the best exercises for you in terms of calories burned, low impact, and full body workout, swimming being one of the other great full body workouts.

The chart above provides a comparison of rowing vs spinning, you can see that you are able to burn at least 20% more calories in the same amount of time. With a hacktive lifestyle this is the best place to start to use your valuable time as effective as possible, a full body workout, burning more calories, and it gets better. Let’s talk about supplements.

Supplements are just that, they supplement what you can’t get enough of, that is it, they do not replace food and you can’t “live” off supplements nor should you. They are used to get the absolute most out of your body but buyer beware of what I believe to be the biggest snake oil industry in the world. Not all supplements are created equal and you would be surprised at the length companies will go to putting profit before people. I am not saying in any way that Believe Fit has the only good protein (New Zealand Whey, sweetened entirely with stevia) but what I am saying is there are a few cues you should notice before buying a protein. Digestive enzymes for one, if it has digestive enzymes added to your protein there is a pretty good chance that it is a low quality whey, which actually needs the digestive enzymes to keep you from bloating like a Zeppelin (more on this stuff later as well).

So here is the idea, you book a class from your phone (hack #1 saving time). Then when you come to a class you are educated and sampled products that will maximize your workout, giving you better and faster results (hack #2 maximizing supplements). Park Row gives you a full body workout burning more calories in the same amount of time as the other guys (hack #3 more work done, less time in). After the workout you decide you like the product(s), but its 7am and no one is open yet, you have a million things to do today and you don’t know if you will have time to stop after work/kids/meetings to get the product you want……… No problem, early or late, after you have done a rowing class you can be escorted over to Believe Fit to private shop for your products you want with helpful advice (hack #4 efficient buy time). Not only that but if you are a Gold member you always get a deep discount at Believe Fit (hack #5 save money). Maybe you tried a sample and had to run out of class quick not being able to purchase anything. Not a problem either, simply buy the product online and type in the code “pickup” and we will put it aside for your next class (hack #6 convenience)

This is the premise of the hacktive lifestyle crew, do more with less and gain as much value as possible while you are doing it. This is one area of hacking your fitness life, after all, if you don’t have time, what do you have.


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