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What does 2017 look like? (2 Minute Read)

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Welp looks like we have gone through another crazy year. A year of landing rockets on barges, celebrities getting robbed and breaking down, of billionaire mogul's not only running hotel chains but countries which might have been enticed by people taking back their democracy. 2016 has managed to stay crazy with a Canadian and American opiate crisis, a Zika virus and a terrible war in Syria

The story never seemed to get better in Alberta either with the highest unemployment rate in the country of 9.0% (Calgary at 10.2%), dropping to #43 in the world for oil and gas investments. With the NDP's implementation of a carbon tax the road ahead seems to be dimmer, pulling more money out of what is left of the employed pockets, and turning away more investment into our main driving sector, oil and gas. However, we did see approval of some pipelines, but with what the events at Standing Rock it is hard to see when these pipelines will be completed. 

Even with all this turmoil in Alberta and seeing the largest business closures of all time, we are still optimistic about Believe Fit, the fitness space and our growth strategy! We have tried some new concepts such as partnering with a Spin Studio in our newest space and so far it has been very well received. We are excited to launch our own line of both activewear and active nutrition that has been in the works for over 6 months! We have new brands in the store that we love, old brands we adore and some very cool events and unique partnerships coming up. We believe that 2017 is going to be our year to shine! We have upped our game in all aspects and we are constantly looking for our customers feedback. We are dedicating 2017 as the year to Believe. I sure hope everyone is as excited as we are, with more blogs, exclusive sales, more insight into the Believe Fit brands and even a podcast! It will be a busy year for us and we are excited to share this journey with everyone. So from our Believe Fit family to yours we are wishing you a fantastic Christmas, an awesome wrap up to 2016 and an amazing 2017! Get Ready!

Here is a little taste of deals to come! Quest Bars limited supply. Enjoy!

Here is a look at our Boxing Day Specials coming up as well, in store and online!


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