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Is your Deodorant a Silent Killer?

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As we move towards a Value Driven Lifestyle it is without hesitation that we start to look at what we are doing now that could be potentially damaging ourselves. The easiest place to start is to eliminate some things out of our lives. I have a few other Value Hacks coming but they take an immense amount of research to put together a proper blog about it, so in the meantime I am adding in a few easy changes to make. I think one of the best items to start with is deodorant. 

It does sound odd that something you put on once or twice a day may be doing more harm than good. Rarely do we think of any negative effects that could come from an item that makes us smell good and stop perspiration. In fact, the global market for anti-antiperspirant is a $95 billion dollar a year market!  Have you ever actually taken a look at the ingredients on your deodorant stick? I know most things are always inundated with confusing mumbo jumbo so let's break away a few of the common ingredients and analyze what changes we can make. 

Deodorant Toxic


One of the most common ingredients in every deodorant is  aluminum. Aluminum clogs the pores, this is what is meant by anti-antiperspirant. We want to perspire however, there are fantastic benefits to sweating including healing wounds, releasing toxins, antibiotic properties, flushing our kidneys, cooling our body, and a host of other benefits. I also understand the other side of things, no one wants to lift their arms and show off their all-inclusive spray park happening under their armpits so there is a happy medium there. 

The main problem with aluminum is that it is a highly biologically reactive neurotoxin that accumulates in our bodies. This should be enough of a warning to stop using deodorant with aluminum because the more you use it the more it actually builds up in your body. There is also an increased risk of  breast cancer by aluminum changing estrogen receptors of cells. 

The thing I find very odd is that a lot of the studies say that the evidence is not conclusive. Most of the studies occurred in the early 2000's and there is hardly, if any, studies currently happening on aluminum in deodorant. It seems weird that billions of people use deodorant every single day and scientists aren't too sure if it is bad for us or not, but seem to refuse to do any studies on it. Another thing I found is that when evidence did show neurotoxicity or cancer causing results the results were dismissed because the group being studied was too small to be conclusive. I think these irregularities were enough for me to come to conclusions on my own. Did I mention this is a $100 billion dollar market? 


This one is easy, this is labelled as a pesticide by the FDA and a carcinogen by the EPA. 


These are a very toxic ingredient known to fluctuate hormone levels. There is also increase in breast and prostate cancer. 


This is typically in a lot of shampoos and conditioners as well as deodorant. It has been labelled as a toxic chemical by Health Canada and Environment Canada but still seems to find its way into our deodorant. It is considered a risk to marine animals because it is a extremely harmful neurotoxin to marine life. However, we apply this directly on our skin, it is directly absorbed into our body and yet I cannot find one study done on this chemical and humans. Perhaps it only makes marine life braindead? 


This was written about four common ingredients in deodorant, but there are many many more harmful ingredients depending on the specific type of deodorant. The studies all seem to range from increased in cancer, to neurotoxicity, to lymphatic problems (the lymph nodes are right by the armpit), and a slough of other issues. I have made the easy change of dropping any deodorant with these products in them. Here are a few of my favorites so far. 

Crystal Body Deodorant Stick

I have purchased and tried this myself, it is essentially a mineral rock that you use on your underarms. You wet the rock and rub on, it essentially is a neutralizer. One stick of this lasts about a year. 

Womens Deodorant Click Here

Mens Deodorant Click Here

If you require something that also gives a nice fresh scent I have also tried this one that has natural ingredients. 

Lovetica Natural Deodorant

SAFE & NATURAL: Made from pure and natural ingredients without the use of harsh chemicals and toxic antiperspirants. Paraben, SLS and Aluminum Free, biodegradable, never tested on animals. Safe and beneficial for irritated, inflamed, and sensitive skin.

Unisex Deodorant Click Here


If you have found any other deodorants that are natural feel free to leave them in the comments. So with these simple changes you can take back your health, one product at a time to live a more valued lifestyle. 



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