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Entrepreneur Polo Shirt *Made In Canada*


Designer: Believe Activewear


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Built for Entrepreneurs

Finally, a shirt made for Entrepreneurs that works as hard and long as you do and can be worn comfortably, anywhere. The logo symbolizes the infinite mind an entrepreneur has to constantly create and implement new ideas. The shirts are engineered to be worn to work, to meetings, golfing, working out, running, swimming(?), horseback riding, Netflixing and Chilling, hunching over a computer or phone all day, the fabric is versatile enough to do anything that you put it through.  

Made In Canada in an Eco-Village that is 100% sustainable, this shirt encompasses everything entrepreneur. 

Using Tencel makes this shirt moisture wicking, self-cooling, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and best of all insanely comfortable. Custom buttons and numbered sleeves ensure you have a one-of-a-kind polo. A hidden pocket so hidden you likely can't find it!

All dyes used in the process are organic and over 99% recycled. 

92% Tencel

8% Spandex

100% Canadian

Bonus: each shirt is custom boxed and comes with a FREE Debit/Credit Card Holder with RFID Blocking so people can't scan your cards without you knowing. Keep your hard earned money where it belongs. 

MSRP: $20 


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