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Brand Ambassadors:  

Believe Fit South Edmonton:  

Ariel Markowski-Cnossen  

Lynne Galloway-Seidel

Kathy Mitchell

Believe Fit Sherwood Park:  

Meagan Smyth  

Jennifer Taron  

Sabrina Merali  

Rebecca Liedtke  

Believe Fit St. Albert:  

Robynn Holstein 

Sarah Wierenga  

Chantell Richard


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Tid Bit about Our Ellwood Brand Ambassadors.  

Ariel Markowski-Cnossen:   

  I am 22 and I have lived in Edmonton for 8 months now. I grew up in the Crowsnest Pass where I fell in love with everything outdoors. I spent my time skiing, biking, rock climbing and hiking.  

  Running wasn't a sport I really enjoyed. I had a biology teacher and his wife who was also my math teacher, encourage and support me when I decided I wanted to join the Sinister 7 high school running team that they were coaching. From that moment forward running became something that challenged me in a way no other sport did.  

  Once completing Sinister 7 and the training was over I didn't want to stop. I pushed myself with more races and longer distances. I went on to do Death Race, Lost Souls Ultra, Spartan races and various 5km races to marathons. I had to learn how to balance running with my other activities like rock climbing, how to fuel my body properly and how to put a bad day behind me so I could grow as an athlete. I have had the opportunity to travel to places I would normally never go thanks to running.  

  I believe my journey as a runner has just begun and can’t wait to see where else it takes me.  


Lynn Galloway-Seidel:

In my younger years our family was always active. I was involved in gymnastics, swimming and skating along with hiking and biking regularly. Growing up in the mountains I became an outdoor enthusiast at an early age.
As an adult, I focused my fitness goals into being able to be fit and healthy enough to continue enjoying outdoor activities and keeping up with my 2 nephews. I started working with a trainer and fell back in love with challenging myself through my workouts. This made hobbies such as horseback riding, camping/hiking, whitewater rafting and Mud Runs so much more enjoyable. 
I went on to become a Trainer, Fitness Kickboxing Instructor and finally Master Trainer with Fitness Kickboxing Canada. I have been lucky enough to not only coach my own personal clients at KO Fitness & Training, but Fitness Instructors as well in courses and conferences in Alberta for Fitness Kickboxing Canada.
Being in this industry surrounded by the most positive and inspiring people with a constant drive to help others achieve their goals and be their best for both themselves and those around them is a reward in itself.

Kathy Mitchell: 

Hi I'm Kathy a mother of 2 children and wife. I also work as a LPN/ORT. I have always been interested in physical activity.  I truly discovered a passion when I began running. I participated in several 5, 10 and 21.5km runs. Along with running I also enjoy yoga and strength training for my conditioning program.

There are so many activities I like to do but the best are the ones we do as a family! From summer to winter we love to get outside. I love the fact that I can keep up to my children and show them a healthy lifestyle as well. 
Recently I have become a certified fitness kickboxing instructor. It is very rewarding being able to share my passion and experience with fitness. The greatest benefit of all is helping and seeing them reach their own goals.


A Tid Bit about Our Sherwood Park Brand Ambassadors.  

Jennifer Taron:  

  I’m super excited to be one of Believe Fit new Brand Ambassador!  I work Full time at Strathcona County and have been there for the 8yrs, I also work as a part time receptionist at World Health in Sherwood Park, I've been with them since the first day we opened in that park 2.5 yrs ago. I competed in Muscle Beach 2015 where I received 3rd place in Bikini Master, and I’m now training for Nationals Bikini Master 2016… so beyond excited!! 

A few activities I enjoy outside of work are training at the gym, going up to my parents farm and riding horses, taking walks and curling up on the couch with my boyfriend and our Pitbull puppy Gunner, in the winter, besides training, it’s all about snowboarding trips to the mountains.  A few of my favourite Lorna Jane items are the Excel Bootleg Pant, if you see me working at the gym I’m guaranteed to be wearing them, they fit perfectly every time. They are so comfy and have been through the washer and dryer so many times without pilling. I love them. All sports bras are perfect for working out, relaxing at home, and I love them under my snowboarding gear, I can ride all day and never have to pull or adjust them. 

I hope you stop in soon and pick up a few of your favourite things! J 

Rebecca Liedtke 

I am a dedicated athlete turned Master trainer, Group fitness instructor and Nutrition specialist. I excel at my craft, dedicating my time and knowledge in mentoring and developing new personal trainers and group fitness instructors. I set the bar high, with not only achieving excellence in myself, but excellence in others as well. My core values are shown in my daily life, those of integrity, honesty, dedication and purpose. 

I have over 10 years experience in the fitness industry. From starting as a personal trainer to pay my way through university, I have trained and coached thousands of people. Being frustrated at so many different methods and diets that were quick fixes or not sustainable, I took the results of clients and my own experience and developed The Shape SystemThe Fuel System and The Master System in which people can learn to change their lifestyles permanently. There is no mediocre status for me, I practice what I preach and I am a living testament to lives being changed through fitness, nutrition and I guide others to do the same. My passion not only lies within teaching people to live healthy and balanced lives, but also in developing instructors to achieve their higher calling in life and mentor instructors and business owners to grow and develop in being the best versions of themselves.   


A Tid Bit about Our St.Albert Brand Ambassadors: 

Chantell Richard:  

Health and fitness have always been a big part of my life. I danced as early as I could walk; recreationally at first, working my way up to a competitive level. In 2005, I graduated from The Makeup Technicians School - Sydney, Australia and decided to take a break from being in front of an audience to work behind the scenes as a certified professional makeup artist.   

In 2006, I met my future husband who was/is heavily involved in the fitness industry. I decided to join a gym and started taking Pilates classes as a way to manage stress and keep fit; all the while falling in love with Joseph Pilates (founder of the Pilates method) six principles: relaxation, breath, concentration, guided imagery, heightened body awareness and mindfulness. I became so inspired by the positive improvements Pilates had on my mind and body that I decided to study the art and science of the Pilates method at The Australian Academy of Pilates, earning my Pilates Mat Instructor Certification in 2009.  

My usual life took a bit of a hiatus to focus on my relationship and travel. I was whisked abroad and was soon married and became a mother of two.  I am a firm believer that parents play a huge role in their children's health, starting with physical activity and nutrition.  This belief combined with being afraid of having baby weight stick around and a desire to feel sexy again inspired me to get back into my post baby jeans.  Our home garage (aka my gym) has been decked out with functional fitness equipment and I boast having the best personal trainer - my husband.    

When I get a chance to catch my breath, I can be found reading, food blogging or taking part in hip hop dance classes.  

Robynn Holstein: 

An active lifestyle has always been what I’ve lived. Growing up I had a passion for sports but found Hockey as a true love. I spent my teens and early twenties training to be the best hockey player possible and earned a spot playing for my college hockey team. Fast forward many years later, add a husband and two children and I find myself still craving competition but now I find that I’m competing with myself. Each day I work to try to be a better version of myself through health, fitness, and serving my community. Why? Well I do it to be a positive role model for my children and to be a wife my husband can continue to be proud of. As a mother, my goal is for my children to never have any body image issues and I feel that how I love myself, and them, directly affects that. 

 Being a working professional and mother of two under the age of two, I have to be strategic in planning how to squeeze in my workouts. You’ll find me at Servus Place participating in the lunch hour work out classes or in my basement once the kids are in bed squeezing in a HIIT workout. In the summer you will see me outside with the kids, chasing them on our next adventure or on the baseball field playing slow pitch. I’m proud to be a Believe Fit Ambassador because I feel that their products can keep up with each stage of my life, from workouts, playing with the kids or running out to the grocery store (all while looking great of course). 

Sarah Wierenga:

As a busy mamma of 2 babies, and wife to amazing hubby, I used to struggle with when and how to get my work outs in! They are my reason WHY I want to be healthy and strong. So I learned to incorporate them when I can into my work outs. Family ripple effect is so important and to be a healthy role model for my kiddos. My son who is 4 grabbed a yogurt today and asked me "mamma is this nutritious?!" Win for this mommy!  


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