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Ashling F/L Tight

Designer: Believe Activewear


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Believe Activewear Storyline Presents the Ashling

Get ready for a new type of activewear, one that is designed by people who test these products in a real world every day. 

Check this out! Brand new product, created and designed by someone local to Sherwood Park! Called the Ashling pant (Named after the designer Ashling).

What inspired her to make the pant? Well as an avid gym goer she was tired of constantly looking for places to put her phone, keys, earbuds, credit cards and whatever else, so she came up with a pant design to refine what it means to have functional activewear! She designed 2 side pockets that allow you to hold whatever it is you need! As an avid fitness competitor it is key to have purposeful activewear that can get through every workout and be put to the test daily! 

We worked hand in hand with Ashling to create an amazing pant that she has put through the workout trenches, as soon as it was to her standard we decided to share this pant with everyone else!

Although that this a key feature that isn't all:

  • It uses something called Vector Technology that allows the pant to stretch in absolutely every direction, not just across the horizontal plane
  • It wicks moisture away from your skin quickly, it is able to absorb the moisture and spread it across a larger surface area which allows the sweat to evaporate quicker
  • The pant lines are engineered to work with the shape of your body
  • GSM ranges from 305 to 315, which allows your body to stay in motion, engineered to increase circulation and put/keep everything right where it should be
  • High waisted to allow for the most comfort when working out and not having to worry about anything showing that isn't supposed to. 
  • Memed------ you will find it........ 
  • Priced 43% less than competitors with the same pant quality
  • Fit Pockets- Ideal for anything that fits your lifestyle or workout
  • Sealed Secret Pocket- Located at the back of the tight and used to keep your valuables safe

Oh did we mention the product has a lifetime warranty?........ How is that for standing behind your product!


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