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Perfect Whey

Designer: Perfect Nutrition


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Perfect Whey is a scientifically engineered formula of New Zealand ion-exchanged whey protein isolate and New Zealand whey protein concentrate. Unlike other whey protein formulas, Perfect Nutrition only uses hormone free whey from New Zealand cows that are “Meadow Fed (pesticide free)" and not given any rBGH or BST Hormones. Perfect Whey uses all natural ingredients and is sweetened with Stevia. A protein formula of this caliber ensures maximum absorption to provide your body with a continuous flow of muscle building amino acids. Perfect Whey is fortified with added . This hormone helps promote weight loss, increase lean body mass and increase bone density. Also, it neutralizes lactic acid burn in your muscles by releasing Plasma Bicarbonate allowing you to work out longer. Perfect Whey, with 28 grams of pure protein, is the best-tasting, highest quality protein shake, engineered to give you maximum results - fast. 
INGREDIENTS: Cold temperature processed New Zealand whey protein concentrate, ion-exchanged New Zealand whey protein isolate, cocoa, natural flavours, stevia.

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION (per 35 g): Energy - 130 Calories, Fat - 1.3 g, Cholesterol - 46 mg, Sodium - 55 mg, Potassium - 214 mg, Carbohydrates - 1.5 g, Protein - 28 g

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